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    Default Glen Hive

    Just on the off chance

    i don't suppose anyone has an old Glen Hive lying around that is no longer required?

    I'm interested in trying to get one of these up and running to see if they work up here.

    The old guys must have had a reason for using them up in the Highlands

    Barring that, anyone got the plans and dimensions for one?

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    I can imagine that at one time they were used in competitive tournaments. Tossing the caber completed? OK, its time for the Single-Handed Carrying of a Glen Hive (with bees) 100yds.

    I have temporary custody of the innards of a Glen but not the lifts. Just a simple box with lid. If you want measurements of that I can supply sometime.


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    Can't recall where, but I saw pictures of how they used to slide two long poles under the hive, then one man at the front and one at the back can carry it easily as the legs stop the poles slipping out
    Must be a heavy brute for one man though

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    Not intending on shifting it. The beast will stay put.

    Measurements would be great G.

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    Red face

    still poking around in old books looking for measurements no luck so far

    few pictures here

    About page 14 a nice article by John Gleed who used to write for SBA mag as well
    Pdf of beekeepers quarterly lots of good stuff inc an article about buckfast X bee breeding in Spain
    Easy to see it's pouring rain today
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    What about these pics.

    Says it takes 18-20 BS Deeps.


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