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Thread: todays news

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    You can see a small cluster of bees between the top two supers. I had forgotten about this... the white painted one was a second hand unit that was given to me and had some rot in the corner so bees found their way in and out. I am not sure if the box was painted that then caused the rot as the wood couldn't breathe or if it was a bit grotty and someone painted it to tidy it up.

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    My homemade solar wax extractor performing well in the sunshine! A steeper angle improved effectiveness very much. Lovely clean creamy yellow wax with a gorgeous smell. Chuffed to bits

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    Default Dirty stop outs ...

    Got a reasonable swarm in a bait hive yesterday at 3pm. I couldn't leave it where it is so was up at the apiary at 7am to stuff the entrance and move them elsewhere. It's was cool and cloudy and there was no entrance activity. I put another bait hive in the same spot ...

    On checking the apiary this evening there was quite a lot of entrance activity and pollen clearly going in. However, on further checking, it wasn't another swarm that had moved in - the box had a few dozen bees in at most - so these must have been stragglers that stayed out overnight and then returned to find the original colony gone. About 25% of the bees are carrying pollen.

    I know bees stay out overnight sometimes. However, I was surprised so many did when the colony had only relocated to the spot a few hours before the end of the previous day.


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