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Thread: todays news

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    Great. I'm glad she survived, Jambo.

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    I thinks its a counter recording the number of visits to the site, each time you reload the page it increases by one count, doubt if it started from zero
    its also very regular - a timer? not to worried about it anyhow

    the code is "span>10,165,204</span> ==$0" havent a clue what it is - just a counter of some sort
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    Bee thefts are still taking place even this late in the year and I feel sorry for the beekeeper involved. The press do like to dramatise bee stories and if they had said four hives instead of 60,000 bees it wouldn’t have had the same effect.
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    Beekeeping was featured on BBC Scotland’s Landward last night. Filmed at Newbattle Abbey College. Their dark bees were nice and gentle. You’ll find it at 09:55 on the iPlayer.


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