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Thread: Wax Moth - whats the control method of choice these days ?

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    Default Wax Moth - whats the control method of choice these days ?

    Hi all - I see that B104 Certan is not readily available these days ? Has something altered from regulations ?

    What do people use now and where to buy. Is acetic acid the only option ? DiPel Df ?

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    GG, I've only ever used acetic acid to treat used combs (and not always all of them) and then, until recently, I've stored them all indoors in the studio (so, not really a terribly cold environment), but in open crates that I've bought from B&Q. Those fold-up crates costing about 3 per crate. I add foam rests for the lugs to keep the frames upright, and then stagger them to fit in as many as possible. I don't think wax moth likes light and all that ventilation around the frames. But now I have too many frames for the studio and may have to store them outside in hive boxes, and hope the cold up here on our hill will sort them out. So far, I've only once had wax moth, and that was in an occupied hive. It wasn't serious, and after I've cleaned out the wax moth, the bees sorted it out.

    Perhaps you can give sulphur strips a go? Thornes sell them.

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    I am fortunate that I have a freezer that takes 6 supers at a time. They go in there for a couple of days, or more if I forget, before storage. They are stores in stacks with cardboard between every 2 or 3 in case waxmoth get in, to limit their spread.

    I have used sulphur strips in the past; the do burn quite hot so be careful of any plastic nearby and the fumes are no fun.
    A warning about acetic acid is not to get a lungful -- be careful with that too.

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    DiPel DF works


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