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Thread: What is the process of starting bee farming

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    Default What is the process of starting bee farming

    Hello everyone,

    I have intention to start bee farming and organic honey production. This not gonna be as a hobby. I want to make business on honey production. Thats why i like to learn which official documents i need and where can i find lands for this purpose. I tried google but all i find complicated informations. Can someone please explain me with simple words about this subject.

    Many Thanks.

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    It takes a while to find suitable apiary sites and that's usually just by speaking to people locally. A local beekeeping association may be able to help as some will have people offering apiary sites.
    Do you keep bees already?

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    I do not want to mess with your dreams but there are some very important questions to ask.

    - what level of profit do you need to make to survive?
    - where do you think your income arrives from?
    - Have you got the sites ready to go?
    - Have you got the bees/queens
    - have you got the kit?

    Next up is:
    - have you got the space?
    - have you got the equipment?

    If you are starting out with the assumption "meh, how hard can it be?" then the answer is its bloody hard. There's a reason 99% on this page do it as a hobby.

    First and foremost, learn bees. Then figure out if you have the enthusiasm to try and make a living from them.

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    Simple words ... very hard work.

    I extracted honey a month ago. Over the weekend I shifted a ton of supers about - off the hives, into the car, into the warming room, to the extractor etc. The novelty soon wore off. The thought of having to do that to earn a living does not appeal.

    In principle beekeeping is simple, in practice it's complicated - Google is probably right in this case.

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    Bycan, apart from what others have already said: where do you live? Somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, far away from cultivated land? I don't know what the rules for producing verified organic honey are, but I think it would probably include something like being in the centre of a three or four mile radius of pesticide-free land.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengage View Post
    Good afternoon, I am very glad to have found this topic. Thank you so much for the link to the book. It is very helpful for me as a beginner!


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