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Thread: Combining query

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatshark View Post
    My bee shed was definitely a case of Nanos gigantum humeris insidentes ...

    Any chance you could avoid the window ledge issue by shifting the hive backwards and adding a simple tube entrance of some sort?

    I don't think there would be a problem doing a newspaper unite with the super. I've done something similar when doing a weirdo two-storey unite with colonies that worked.

    Speaking of two storey ... time for an extension/second floor on the bee shed

    PS I've not used air freshener, and wouldn't with honey supers. The last thing I'd want is a customer complaining my honey tastes of Febreze
    I think because of the already modified (botched) entrances we would have quite a problem modifying them. We need really to replace them all but that would mean removing the hives to do it and canít see Fraser being keen to do that.
    Second storey would be good or even an extension as we have as many hives outside as inside. Really need to cut back.

    Yes I will wait to use the air freshener for a BB on BB combining. Hadnít thought of the honey contamination. Thanks for that.

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    Thank you Bridget. I would love to stop by on my way down the road. Thanks for the invite and it would be nice to see you in Ullapool if you are up our way.

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