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Thread: Grafting / Queen rearing 2019

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    Or occasionally rain stops play Adam!

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    Our small North East Scotland queen rearing group had a go at grafting last Thursday on a particularly dry evening (remember them?!).

    One group grafted about 59 cells into three hives and had a take up of 37 cells (the no-takes were re-grafted the day after). The second group had a similar level of success.

    My plan is to follow Jon Gettys set up keenly. I have an octogon 20 incubator that I have used in the past but just wondered what the optimum humidity is and if anyone has a good idea of how to keep it steady ? A few times in the past its dried out and emerged queens have died.

    Once the cells are sealed I'll move them into the incubator and leave till emergence. How long could virgins survive in there if fed queen candy ? Do I need to stick in attendants particularly ? Just thinking if we cant fill the apideas all in one go.

    Any hints about maximising the effectiveness of incubators would be good

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    Ewan you're right that Jon is a whizz when it comes to the octagon 20. I have one as well and I do what Jon does re humidity - keep both troughs full at all times. Seems to work well. Letting it run dry is fatal as the fan dries the air inside. I've used mine to successfully hatch chickens, turkeys and queen bees!

    I find mine good for taking cells up to a day or so before hatch and then the cells go into mating nucs. I'm not as successful when I give a virgin queen to an apideas.

    I'd be reluctant to bank queens long in the incubator especially with no attendants. Banking them in a colony with attendants is a different matter but something I don't have experience of.

    Cheers, Gerry.

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    I've not used an Octagon, but have used my honey warming cabinet (which can take about 87,000 queens at once, but hasn't). I put the Nicot cages in an ice cream tub with lots of moist kitchen paper. Getting them to emerge isn't a problem but, like drumgerry, I've had more success priming mini-nucs with mature cells, not virgins. In my setup, unattended virgins didn't survive particularly well. I didn't try adding attendants. I mainly used this setup when conditions were good and I wanted to put a second or third batch of cells into my queenright Ben Harden system. This always worked best when there was a good flow on and they would inevitably build a huge web of brace comb around the cells ... by putting them into the incubator I could fire up the next batch and avoid all that surgery to free (even caged) cells from the cell bar frame.

    As an aside ... I've had to teach my computer to 'learn' the word drumgerry ... because of this:

    Screenshot 2019-06-14 22.54.13.png

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    Tee hee . Nice to know my weird username is good for something!

    Had horrific weather here in Speyside most of the last fortnight. Hoping the apidea queens took their chance for a mating flight in the sunshine last Friday or maybe tomorrow as we have a decent forecast for once

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