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Thread: Grafting / Queen rearing 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatshark View Post
    I'd have thought they'd have only 'abandoned' the cells if there were too few bees in the box.
    I almost always use queenright colonies and either a Cloake board or Ben Harden setup so can't really comment from much experience. Whenever I've used a queenless colony it's always been heaving with bees.
    Hi FS,

    Box was rammed so very odd. On "the other forum" a few people reported similar things and suggested the cold can definitely do this. Ho hum - next time !

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    Did you cage the queencells on day 11 or 12 in readiness for emergence?
    I wonder if the bees lost contact with the queencells and then ignored them. - You usually see bees hanging around queencells making contact with them and they presumably monitor the temperature and adjust accordingly and can't do that with a caged cell.


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