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Thread: Porter bee escapes

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    Nope OP was
    You may be getting a little confused over a post by me asking how drones would get through the QX into the supers.
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    I’ve cleared nine hives with porter escapes this week and some of them had three supers on. The escapes were on for two to three nights and eight out of the nine hives had no more than the odd bee in the supers when they were removed. Unfortunately for me one hive had the escapes blocked with brace comb that was on the underside of the frames, it was my fault for not checking. I ended up brushing bees off the frames in the rain and I got soaked while the bees got madder. I couldn’t leave it till another day because the hives were eleven miles away and I had taken feed out with me. Overall I still think the porter bee escapes do a good job.
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    So the reason for the board not clearing became apparent on the removal of the board to find the porter bee escapes had jumped out of position when placing the heavy supers on top. image2 (1).JPG image1 (1).JPG

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    Some suppliers make the slots too long.

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    Jane the hole in each end can be used for a drawing pin or similar to hold them in place.


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