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Thread: Heather weather

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    It is raining in the hills - a wee bit - this site has lots of data:

    Although to be useful you'd also need to know how much rain is enough - I have no idea!

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    Cheers !

    Our site actually looked okay. The bell heather looks great this year and the ling is still a while off I think. I only moved four hives in the end - mainly as I was going for a look anyway and secondly as the rest are crammed with clover honey and the hives are stupidly big. Third extraction of the year for some hives coming up then they can all go and I can breathe a sigh of relief for 6 weeks

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    Pleased to see a bit more rain today - I've been walking in the hills and its been bone dry. I put a couple of hives on a bell site, however I've likely missed it. A lot of the bell on that site actually passed the best (Angus glens so will be south of you GG). I have seen ling that looks pretty well on so plan to move other hives end of next week once all the uniting is done.

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    Worth remembering that heather moors are really large boggy water sinks. It may be dry on top but underneath there is still a lot of water. I'm looking forward to seeing what the crop is like this year as it will provide a lot of info on what is required (or not) for a good heather crop. Last two years we have had very wet June's and July's and exceptionally good weather in August which has given bumper crops.
    Is it the foraging weather? Or the amount of rain in June/July?
    Seeing the staggering amounts of honey being brought in with our long extended hot dry conditions my money is on the weather.


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