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Thread: Remotely controlled short term bee hive closing up system

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    Default Remotely controlled short term bee hive closing up system

    Hi there,

    I have invented something I have decided to disclosure to the world and share with all of you. Please fill absolutelly free to use this information in your personal work. I hope this might be useful, any comments are welcome! I'm developing a new project right now which will popup shortly. If you don't mind I can inform you for this as well.
    Thank you!

    --- Outline ---
    The innovation is related to automatics, telematics and implements in the beekeeping area. The goal is the system to assure bee hive colony closing up simultaneous in multiple bee hives during periods of poison hazard without manual activities to be necessary. Using a rectangular frame fixed immediately to the front panel of the hive and a mobile door moved by electrical motor the system provides bee hive colony isolation into the hive. A local controller drives the process on hive level. A central controller provides central communication between the multiple hive local controllers and the operator. The telematics system provides control on group level on unlimited count of hives, thus rising significantly work beekeeper work efficiency when the number of the hives is high. The system protects the bee colonies through isolation always when it is necessary. This way the system helps in bee extinction preventing.

    --- Full text ---
    Please open the pdf document link below:

    Best Regards

    Vasil Vasilev
    Sofia, Bulgaria

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    A patent application for an electric door. Really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    A patent application for an electric door. Really?
    Correction: patent registration. Please see the document text.

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