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Thread: Snails in Poly hives.

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    Default Snails in Poly hives.

    At last the weather has improved two days sunshine and 19 degrees yippee. Anyway got to check hives for first time, out of ten hives all are alive some not doing so well but the queens survived the winter. One of the problems I noticed on three of the hives that are in poly hives they all had slugs inside but the wooden ones didn't any ideas why this should happen are the polys better at overwintering slugs, and how did the little S@@** get in, poly hive had only one small entrance. They will not be visiting any other hives. I like all wildlife but slugs just don't do it for me I cannot see what they contribute to my garden.

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    I find this every spring and I think, note not know think as titches they get in through the entrance then grow and find they are stuck. I just toss them out and they don't seem to have an adverse effect on the bees so not a major issue.


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    Slugs in two poly hives and a cedar hive this year - and last year. They often feed on debris tha falls out of the mesh floor. Slug-longs probably enter the hive this way. I have not noticed any damage and they do not seem to get onto comb.

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    I had 3 slugs in one of my poly hives. That hive was the only one which wasn't on a stand so I've removed them and raised the hive a few inches. Not sure if it will help but see how it goes.


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