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Thread: Dandelion pollen is of poor nutritional quality for honey bees?

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    this is a good read for bee nurtition. fat bees skinny bees. This is a link to the PDF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    I believe I read somewhere that high quantities of dandelion flower result in yellow comb being drawn?
    Here's an update on my last reply to this post. The photos were taken yesterday. As you can see the foundation being drawn is quite yellow, their honey has been capped yellow and even the sealed brood has a yellow tinge to it. I would think that a high percentage of the unsealed stores are from the dandelions as well. They are starting to go to seed now but some of my colonies have done well on the dandelions this spring.
    P.S. You can see why I keep dark bees because if they were yellow I would never find them on the comb.
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