I attended an interesting conference over the weekend. One of the Speakers was Dr Ralph Buchler and he gave a talk on selection of resistant honey bees with special regards to Suppressed Mite reduction VSH and Recapping behaviour. The talk on recapping behaviour was most interesting as it appears that once the larvae are capped they do not remain so until emergence as was thought but that What he described as beginner bees often damage the capping's and other bees open them to check what's inside if mites are present they may be removed, looks like back to the drawing board. Here is the link to an article Screening for low Varroa mite reproduction (SMR) and recapping in European honey bees. https://dev.rescol.org/rnsbbweb/wp-c...2017_09_11.pdf
Also a link to the bee breeding group he is involved in https://www.beebreeding.net/index.ph.../where-we-are/
There were many other interesting issues raised which I will post on when I get my head around them, there was an interesting talk on Gut micro flora obtained from Pollen which contributed to bacteria in their gut improving their health and well being lots of interesting research going on with very little money to back it up in Ireland..