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... Exam questions are meant to test your knowledge (on basic genetics, in this case) and your application of that knowledge. Exam candidates need to have that knowledge and be able to apply it, using the information in the question. .... If the question had asked for a comment on your observations, then add it, but otherwise your comment would be wasted. ...
Yes, you're probably right, particularly with this question - but sometimes I've thought they're trying to trick us!

For example, in the March 2017 Module 8 exam, there was a short two point question (so, no big deal in terms of marks): 'What should be added to pollen to make a pollen substitute patty?' After I've wasted my two-point-worth of time answering what to use to make a pollen substitute patty, or perhaps what to add to pollen to make a pollen patty (I can't remember), I realised the question is bollocks, and then got flustered and wasted two more points of time explaining why the question doesn't make sense.

I think I've come across other examples - but I can't remember them now.