So far there have been no recorded sightings of the Asian Hornet here in Ireland. It may not show up then again it is possible that it could make the trip across the Irish sea. If it is located the advice from the Dept. of Ag is that you must" please notify the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) of any suspect Asian hornets, providing as much information as possible (location, photos etc.). If it is possible please
send a dead sample to DAFM for examination. The specimens can be killed by placing them in domestic freezer overnight. If collecting a sample please take all necessary precautions as hornets can sting".

Great what then?? Do any associations in Scotland have a risk assessment plan or critical incident plan in place in the event of one being found. I was think in of putting something together for our Apiary here.
it would go along the lines of , Observation of Apiary in spring when Queens may be around, Placing some traps around the apiary, If one was spotted getting the specimen confirmed as an Asian Hornet and while waiting for confirmation that one had being found, to place some defensive mechanism around hives to prevent hornets gaining access ( have not figured this out yet) observing flight lines from Hives if they show up getting maps to check other aperies in the locality and possible nesting sites. making other beekeepers aware of the situation through Local associations or face book. I don't know what the plan would be from the Dept. of Ag to eliminate a nest if located. What do others do, is there a plan for local beekeepers to do something before action is taken by the Dep.t of ag or the media run with stories of Killer hornets.