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Thread: Allergy to bee / wasp stings

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    Default Allergy to bee / wasp stings


    Turns out Mrs Greengumbo has an allergy to bee and wasp stings. I didnt catch the term but it sounded like she has high "RAS" reaction ?

    Puts a bit of a spanner in the works. She has had loads of stings in the past but the last one on the face a few months back was particularly bad. Its not full anaphalaxis but she has been proscribed strong anti-histamines and reluctantly an epipen (just in case).

    What is the deal with desensitisation courses ? Anyone had experience in Scotland ? We will be in contact with the immunologist anyway but just thought I would ask the experts on here.

    I'm planning on moving all my hives away from the house and into out apiaries after winter and banning her from catching swarms.

    Luckily her other business is only making sweet flavoured vinegars and selling them at outdoor no risk that will attract wasps then

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    Oh dear. Sorry. It is a radioallergosorbent test, RAST. Bees and wasps - are you sure? It is normally one or the other. There commonly isn't even cross reaction between Bombus and Apis.

    However - I've been there and look at me now :-)

    Quentin Gardiner at Ninewells hospital in Dundee will be your nearest. He cured me and several others around including our association secretary and some of Murray's offspring. It is straightforward, easy, reliable (with the exception of one young man you may hear about) but it does absorb time. Once a week for 12 weeks then roughly every 6 weeks for the rest of three years. It will be worth it though. I believe the only other site in Scotland doing this is in Glasgow, forget the name of the place but someone will be along in a minute to remind me.

    Mine was, oh, maybe a dozen+ years ago but Colin just finished his 3 years fairly recently. We had Quentin along to speak to the East of Scotland Beekeepers last winter. I had the light headedness, numb mouth and all-over hives (from stings to the hand), then a highly positive RAST result. Everyone is different though.


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    Iím into my 11th month with Dr Gardiner. You need to get your skates on as he starts each course in mid Feb and if you miss this year she will need to wait 12 months. He will do the testing too so get your gp to contact him direct. Tel no is somewhere so I will come back with it .

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