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Thread: Queen Failures

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    Quote Originally Posted by prakel View Post
    Poot, have you tried this mapping device which Mellifera Crofter told us about? You may find it interesting.
    Hi Prakel,
    Thanks for pointing me to the mapping site - I've clearly been a bit short sighted. The bees must be flying further afield than I estimated. Perhaps I've been a little pessimistic! Still unfamiliar territory.
    On a brighter note a large swarm is making their home in my bait hive😀 For once a plan has come good and the bees abided by the rules! I added a frame with open brood from my other hive to make them feel at home and persuade them to stay.
    How many colonies do you have? How are they doing this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Poot View Post
    How many colonies do you have? How are they doing this year?
    Well, we are downsizing quite drastically so it's an ever decreasing figure, but they're doing well so far

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    Field margins are not unwelcome but they do get spray drift when the fields are treated
    Trees might be better sources for bees and take up less space
    Like everything else they are not always reliable

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    Quote Originally Posted by prakel View Post
    August and September are very good in my experience; I know that there can be some concern over drone quality later in the summer but experience has shown good results over a couple of decades in these parts.
    The point made about drone quality in late summer is interesting; I guess this is due to varroa getting a hold during the summer so early matings - if you get the weather - will be more reliable as the drones are less likely to be harmed.

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