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Thread: Commercial swarm control methods

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    Actually. wintering two vertically is rather unusual among commercial guys. Its a PITA lifting everything off to get at the bottom one, so as soon as both halves are demonstrable viable in spring they get split off into individual hives at the time of shifting to OSR.

    This far north it has proven futile (more in the economic than the absolute sense) to overwinter small mating nucs. The poly ones on full frames less so, in fact they are doing very well this winter again, have several hundred ready for spring market.

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    I thought it was a clever way to keep more bees in less space for the winter, all year round I can see the PITA.
    Never ceases to amaze me the numbers you guys work with and the demand for nucs each year, several hundred. That's a lot of people buying.
    Interesting you find poly nucs overwinter well, I've had the same experience (on a much smaller scale ) I never successfully overwintered bees in wooden nucs. We are quite high up and winter temps are usually a few degress lower than the nearby plain of York. I had a 100% death rate, so stopped. Until I tried the poly nucs, and to date have rarely lost one.


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