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Thread: How do your bees look at this time of year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellifera Crofter View Post
    Spare your back, Lindsay. Strap the hives to their stands, and then weigh down the stands.
    Yep have to agree with you there Kitta!!! strap then down to the stand a lot easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by masterbk View Post
    The cream of tartar (tartaric acid) was used to acid hydrolyse the sucrose to fructose and glucose. However this is not a good idea as also results in HMF which is toxic to bees. To get a fine crystal formation I suggest adding some glucose to the mix. I find adding half a pound of OSR honey works just as well as it has a high proportion of glucose in it.
    Hi Masterbk, when you say you add half a pound of OSR honey is that to the recipe above or your own recipe ?

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    I usually make up about double the recipe quantities at a time . The amount of OS rape used is not that critical. You could use a smaller amount. I mix it in just before pouring out to provide the crystals as seed for rapid granulation


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