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Thread: Beekeeping court case

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calluna4u View Post
    The court case concluded.
    Thanks for posting C4U. We all appreciate it will have been a difficult time with the lazy press reporting not helpful to anyone. Your interactions with authorities/SASA have contributed to the development of an excellent unit who support us all. I wish the press would talk about that and
    can't actually think of seeing much good publicity for the SASA folk in the press.

    Hopefully you can put this behind you and look forward to the new season.

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    You can see how shallow the press are with all the crap about 'Royal Beekeeper' Most of the reporting has managed to get that into the first paragraph.
    None of the UK broadsheets, Independent (RIP) Guardian or Times have any credibility with regard to reporting beekeeping. The Guardian is so bad it makes me question its veracity on anything else it covers and I am a paid up leftie.

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    Stressful I am sure. Pleased it's reached a conclusion! At what cost I wonder? Onward!

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    Sorry....its been awfully quiet on here since the New Year breakdown and I did not see your input. Its all concluded and in a very satisfactory manner for me. Would have been better if it had not happened but c'est la vie. Onwards to the new season.......19 weeks until we go to the heather again! Instant panic! 70.000 sheets of wax to fit.......and the wax is still at Thornes.


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