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    Does anyone know anything about this from last year and if there's still/was ever a problem in the area - specifically around Coupar Angus?


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    Yes. There has been a cluster of cases in the Coupar Angus to Meigle area which seems unlinked to the two commercial beekeepers with bases there. I was peripherally involved last year when I bought two colonies from a recent beekeeper's widow, promptly discovered foulbrood and, after verification via the inspectors, destroyed everything on the remote site I'd taken them to.

    There is the distinct possibility that the deceased beekeeper was the source of three other cases locally in recent years. Perhaps he caught his from another local source, long since cleaned up, who knows. He very much kept himself to himself and wasn't known to the local beekeeping association.

    The unfolding story is here:

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    Thanks Gavin. That's a grim story - an unpleasant thing for you to have dealt with.


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