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Thread: colony prices

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    I am a beginner looking to buy a nuc to start - all advice welcome!

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    Hi Pricey there are a few options such as contacting one of the many outlets online that sell bees or (and for me a better approach for a beginner) contact your local association they may run beginners classes and may be able to provide nucs for sale or put you in touch with someone local. You can also keep an eye on this forum for people selling nucs. What area do you live in?

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    I live in Edinburgh and have joined the local association, so I am hopeful, but I think there are quite a few people waiting because of poor bee production in the last couple of years.

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    It's like the old days when honey was expected to be more or less given away. So long as we have a product that people want then we should strive to keep the price up if only to bring home the realization that bees do have a value. In my opinion auctions shouldn't be used as a guage for bee prices, people often attend local auctions and farm sale auctions to pick up bargains cheaper than they could source the same item through the usual suppliers. We need only read of people's glee at getting other beekeeping kit at ridiculously low prices from past auctions to confirm that.

    If the nuc is going to a local beekeeper, an important point if we're promoting 'local' bees, we're giving someone else the opportunity to take nectar from our own bees; to breed varroa in the name of being natural or to simply requeen with something 'special' from outside and so affect our own long term efforts.

    edit: I'm not, of course, suggesting that common sense shouldn't come into play where friends/association members who've shown proper interest are concerned.
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    Hi Pricey I'm a member of Emba as well, although I'm in bathgate, they usually take names from the beginners course of those who want nucs and try to provide as many as possible

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