Honey Bees in House

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Hi, could someone please give me some advice? I live in an old Victorian townhouse and 2 days ago came home to find about 30 honey bees in my bedroom. There were bees swarming around outside the window and they are finding ways in at the sash window cord. I got someone out yesterday lunchtime to have a look but the bees had all disappeared. They then re-appeared late afternoon again, so that's 2 days in a row. Any ides how I go about stopping them getting them in to the house? Is there something I can do to discourage them? They are getting in and dying off within a day presumably because there is no food source. I don't think there is a hive.

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  1. gavin's Avatar
    Hi Lynne

    As long as they are honey bees, it seems that you have a swarm considering moving in. They will spend a few days exploring possible new sites and even guarding favoured ones. The expected swarm might not then materialise. The beekeeper may intervene, they may have a better place somewhere else, or maybe they will try to swarm in your direction but if the beekeeper has clipped a queen's wing they will not be be able to bring her and will return home.

    One thing that could be done - if you can find someone locally with the right stuff - is to use a spray called 'Bee-Go'. This is repellent to bees so can stop them moving in but usually once they have done so then only physical removal will fix the issue.

    You could try the local beekeeping association to see if anyone will help.

    hope this helps