john odonnell

new to beekeeping

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Hi everyone , Im new to bee keeping , just need to know if special permiton needed to set up hive , or permits required .

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  1. gavin's Avatar
    Hi John

    Welcome to the crazy world of beekeeping. No, permits not required in the UK. There is a voluntary registration scheme which many (very many in fact) subscribe to but it is not currently a requirement. Google BeeBase. Local authorities take no interest. Do bear in mind the suitability of the apiary site in terms of risks to neighbours and passers-by, and forage for the bees.

    Beekeeping is harder than most folk believe, so it is well worth getting in touch with a local group that can provide advice and tuition. And this forum of course.

    Hope it goes well!
  2. john odonnell's Avatar
    Thank you Gavin , will look into any local bee keeping groups near Bellshill and local areas .
  3. gavin's Avatar
    I think the nearest to you will be the newish Lanarkshire Beekeepers Association. You can get in touch with Bill by sending a forum Private Message to E.K.Bee or with the secretary by emailing her on: