Varroa Tolerant Bees

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Last night I came across and browsed your forum for the first time. Sorry, but did not know it existed until then. I was particularly interested in the threads about VSH bees and saw that my name was mentioned a few times. All good I should add, though the info not always correct.
I felt that I would like to contribute my latest news if possible so applied to join. Being accepted I then spent the next hour and half writing, reading, then re-writing as you do and when I looked at the clock I found it was no longer Last Night but 1.45 This Morning. (Amazing just how many people were still on your forum at that time).
When I tried to ‘post’ my entry, still finding my way round the pages, I found that I was no longer logged on so had to sign in again. Then found my 90 minutes work had disappeared and was nowhere to be found even though a ‘pop-up’ kept saying “Auto Saved”.
Gavin suggests I could try writing it on notepad, then “cut-and-paste”
If it works you will be reading this and I will be trying to recall all I wrote this morning to “cut-and-paste” again. I’ll give it a go … talk with you later????

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  1. gavin's Avatar
    Thanks for persisting, Ron. We're delighted to have you here.