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I have tried to run the trial version of drawing both on XP and windows 8 but when I try to upload the scanned wings in the program locks and a dialog of program not responding then the program closes down can any one help with this problem

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  1. gavin's Avatar
    There is a lot of DrawWing discussion on the main forum. Here is one:

    Perhaps ticking the 'step by step' box is worth a try. The problem most people have (including me) is the quality of the scan. Has to be transmitted light not reflected and with at least 2400x2400 dpi.

    Also, at the recent BIBBA meeting there was talk after talk saying that wing morphometry does not correlate very well with DNA results on the genetic background of the bees. It does have a use, but not for pulling out pure Amm from bees that are already hybridised.
  2. Jon's Avatar
    > It does have a use, but not for pulling out pure Amm from bees that are already hybridised.
    Exactly, but there are many still in denial about this.
    One use would be to identify hybridisation in a colony which looked superficially like Amm on the basis of other characteristics such as colour.
    It can't be used to select for Amm on the basis of scattergrams which show an increasing percentage of wings within Amm parameters with each succeeding generation.
    This only shows a selection artifact as outlined in the paper by Robin Moritz.
  3. gavin's Avatar
    On the other hand I suspect that Jeff does have some kosher Amm and is just interested in how they look on a scatter plot?
  4. Jon's Avatar
    A survey of a population is a legit use. The difficulties start when it is used as a selection criteria. I have not done a lot of wing scanning in the past 18 months and I remember I had a problem with Drawwing and Windows 8 on my new computer. Drawwing works fine with Windows 7 and XP.

    With windows 8 the first point plotted started with 1 rather than zero.