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Clearer Board & Ventilation

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I am new to beekeeping (2nd yr) (1 hive in good order, 1x NUC didn't survive winter).

I have been watching the BBC 4 Beekeeping prog (good prog) and noted that Martha Carney's WBC hive had a 1x Super with clearer board and porter bee holes open (no Porter Bee escapes in place in the normal seasonal use). She explained the use of the Porter Bee etc; but I noted that the bees have access above the super into the roof space etc; on mine I have gaffer taped the holes prior to use of PB escapes when needed. Should the board holes be left open or gaffer taped as I have done until honey take off season?

Also noting book comments on ventilation I have given a 2" vent space under hive by propping up the floor, should I continue this?

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  1. gavin's Avatar
    As always, you'll find a range of views. I'm a feeder hole open kind of guy. That way you don't need to worry about bees on the crown board when you return the roof (other than any around the rim and at risk of squashing).

    I don't see any point in propping up the floor. They might add propolis or wax there one day and make putting it back difficult. You are also making the hive less defensible from robbing bees or wasps which could give them problems at some stage.

    You're probably better to ask such questions in the main forum as the mobile users don't usually read the blogs. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Rhynie Beekeeper's Avatar
    Thanks Gavin, that has help I think I may as well try that and see what results.
  3. Poly Hive's Avatar
    1. Porter escapes belong in the ark. Rubbish.

    2. Look up Canadian Bee Escapes which for pennies you can make at home. Like this:


    3. Ventilation.. umm... insulate above, 1" polystyrene minimum and use mesh in the floor.

    Updated 09-05-2014 at 08:38 PM by gavin (Pete: please link to the original source, not the copy you put on your own site.)