Just in time for the weather to turn...

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It was supposed to be only 10-12 here today so I arranged for some help to try and get through the mountain of stuff that needs sorting out.

As it turned out weather was lovely and I could/should have checked out the one hive I haven't looked at yet, but I think we did ok:

4 brood boxes worth of frames, 3 supers assembled, painted and stuffed with frames, plus 4 hive stands finished off with plenty of cursing at the decision to buy seconds stuff.

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Updated 01-04-2012 at 11:37 PM by Neils



  1. gavin's Avatar
    Is that Saltire Blue and White you are using there?

    Very neat and tidy anyway. Puts me to shame. Supers? Are these the things you're supposed to get ready in plenty of time for the OSR coming into flower? Ooops .... our fields have a yellow tint and the odd plant with flowers out.
  2. Neils's Avatar
    No paint on te poly hives.

    Don't get much OSR in the city, but the allotments are turning green and the flowers are starting to make an appearance.

    It looks better in the photos because you can't see that none of the boxes are actually square or that I had to sand the sidewalks to make the frames fit.
  3. Jon's Avatar
    Good to see you have a few apideas ready as well.
  4. HensandBees's Avatar
    Must be the correct colours, don't forget just location. just south of Aberdeen,
    went to Newcastle on Saturday the fields turned bright yellow between arriving and leaving the convention.....