Tales from the Hive ... continued

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Mitzzi stretched her legs one by one and extricated herself from the overnight cluster. Grabbing a quick snack on the way, she headed for the entrance. According to the rota she was on guard duty this morning and, truth to tell, she wasn't really looking forward to it. She could feel the freezing outside air even before she reached the outer frames.

Arriving at the entrance she found a small group of bees her fellow-guards huddled a few inches from the landing board. They looked up and sniffed her respectfully as she arrived. Welcome, Mitzzi-the-hero was the gist of their greeting, for the queen had honoured this bee with a name in recognition of her expulsion of an unwelcome bumble bee the previous week. The ferocity of her attack on the intruder had forced it to beat a hasty retreat. The colony was still talking about Mitzzi and The Flight of the Bumblebee!

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