• The Evil Mobile Phones are back!

    In a brand new telling including the usual taking figures out of context, that weird study done in India last year is back in the news... (cynical? me?) Oh well, it's bees in the news I suppose.

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    1. Jon's Avatar
      Jon -
      There are so many mistakes in that article I don't know where to start.

      'Britain has seen a 15 per cent decline in its bee population in the last two years' according to Dean Nelson in New Delhi who doubtless is an award winning journalist like Michael Mc Carthy of the Independent and thus has oracle status with regard to comment on the honeybee.

      Well, unless the bbka is as bad at arithmetic as it is at website design, their own figures point to a 200% increase in uk bee colonies over the past couple of years - bee holocausts in the borders area notwithstanding.

      None of the beekeepers I know keep two mobile phones in the brood chamber powered on for a couple of fifteen minute sessions per day but there are probably members of the INIB who are trying this as many of them sup from the font of quackery.

      Would be good to get data on how colony growth is impaired by filling the brood box with salamanders or brocoli for 3 months and I am sure there are many other useful experiments we can propose in order to get to the bottom of current bee problems.
    1. EmsE's Avatar
      EmsE -
      Hmm, so seeing the effects in 1 hive is enough to draw a conclusion Personally, I'd rather keep my mobile in my hand bag so, I take it my bees will be fine
    1. Neils's Avatar
      Neils -
      Apologies for messing up my first news posting, will do better in future

      Dean Nelson is obviously a journalist on the button, it's only taken him the best part of a year to submit an article on this groundbreaking research.

      I like the idea of a study on the effects of sticking salamanders in a brood box though.
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