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  1. Out Apiary Tidy up

    I've meaning to sort this out for months but used "i'll do it in winter" as an excuse to save me a lot of un-necessary hacking and slashing.

    My out apiary is on a nature reserve, nicely tucked away behind some brambles. We originally cleared the area and put down a lot of mulch/wood chippings about this time two years ago.

    By last summer you pretty much needed a machete to get to the hive and as quick as I could clear the space around the hive weeds were ...

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  2. Open Sesame!

    A busy weekend all round. On Saturday I took a trip to what I hope is going to be my new apiary on a nature reserve. As they're holding regular work days at the moment to keep things under control I've been lending a hand too and one of the tasks this time around was to clear an area behind some brambles off the main path to make room for some beehives so it seemed rude to leave something being done for my benefit for everyone else to sort out.

    We cleared an area that is far bigger ...