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    I have absolutely no experience in this blog situation, so if this is in the wrong place Gavin please feel free to give me a yellow card.
    I am assuming that my blog is just for some news and info about what I am doing in beekeeping just now, so I thought I would share some info about Nina and the Neurons.
    If you are unaware of who this is then you need to sit with your children or as in my case grandchildren and watch the C Beebies programme on television.
    Nina does some science ...
  2. Trog's Blog

    Just playing to see how this works.

    Today it was calm, sunny and only a light breeze. The temperature in the shade was 4 degrees (c) and my two wee nucs were flying and bringing back pollen.

    Snowdrops have just opened, as have hellebores. Hazel catkins are full of loose pollen which comes out in clouds when you shake a branch, and doubtless gorse is in flower somewhere nearby. It always is.
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