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  1. granulated sugar price

    The poundland shop sells a 1.5 kg bag of sugar for you know what a 1 is this a good price.
  2. Open Sesame!

    A busy weekend all round. On Saturday I took a trip to what I hope is going to be my new apiary on a nature reserve. As they're holding regular work days at the moment to keep things under control I've been lending a hand too and one of the tasks this time around was to clear an area behind some brambles off the main path to make room for some beehives so it seemed rude to leave something being done for my benefit for everyone else to sort out.

    We cleared an area that is far bigger ...
  3. Bad forecast for next week

    The weathermen are claiming that the sky is going to fall in on us towards the middle of next week so I did a quick check on stores. There is a good chance that bees won't have much foraging time for a week or so.
    I was hoping it might have been a bit warmer today and although bees were flying, it was a bit nippy for inspections.
    The bees were working hard bringing in yellow pollen, probably from willow. There were also a lot collecting water from various sources which probably means ...
  4. Sassenach Beekeeper...

    As I was asked if I was going to do one this year I thought I'd inflict it on the Scottish Beekeepers. I did [try and] keep a blog last year, but actually sitting down and writing about stuff is frequently far less interesting than actually doing it. I wont rehash last year's shenanigans but at time of writing, my little colony of bees appears to have come through winter very well so I am going to tentatively announce that my aim from last year's beekeeping has been achieved: I didn't kill my ...
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  5. More DrawWing charts

    I got three samples back this morning, one of my own (34) and two from my father's apiary. (Sample A & B)
    Thanks again to Roger Patterson for taking the time to do them.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Surprisingly, his two samples are showing more hybridization than mine, probably from Carnica Drones as his bees are very dark with little or no sign of yellow banding.
    He has a neighbour a quarter of a mile away ...

    Updated 24-03-2010 at 12:54 PM by Jon

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