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  1. A wee look in

    Had a wee look in at the two hives which i doubled up, bees at the feedhole in the upper brood box so maybe queen rearing will start in 2 weeks or so, things looking up after such a bad start to the season
  2. First full inspection

    Nice to see Kelly, Francoise, Krystian, Rick, Carol, Bruce, David and Sylvia yesterday - and for their visit to coincide with an afternoon (just) warm enough to open hives at my apiary if not the breezier association one.

    What did we find? Well tempered bees (better than the few opened last Sunday) and not a bit of hostility from any of them (the bees ... ). Plenty of pollen packed in around neat brood nests. Colonies varying from about 5 frames of bees with brood on 3, to 9 frames ...
  3. Curate's egg

    15c today so I checked the 10 I have at my allotment.

    The good news is that all the queens are there but the bad news is colony strength.
    I have about 6 colonies on around 3 frames with a bit of sealed brood and another 4 which might be better off in apideas.

    Other than that I have a couple of tiddlers in the garden and a few at the association apiary which are not too strong either.

    I had an e-mail earlier this evening from someone in my BKA who ...
  4. Wey-hey!

    It briefly touched 8C today, and this is what it did for the bees at the apiary. The traditional early spring picture of Gavin's bees properly wakening up. It is 3rd April and they are still bringing in some (very) late snowdrop pollen and also something that looks very like willow. On my way back to work the willow trees near the association apiary were in flower with their silver pom-poms now yellow here and there.

    First off, see what was trotting along the track on the way into ...

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  5. Changes at Minnowburn Apiary

    Nipped over to check bees at lunchtime today accompanied by the dog.

    It is still quite wintery looking and the temperature was about 4c in the sunshine. Not much leaf to be seen although there are willow catkins bearing pollen.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I bumped into one of the National Trust wardens and they have planted a little orchard of Native Irish Apple Trees between the allotments and our Apiary. The orchard will be fenced in so we will now ...

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