1. Just in time for the weather to turn...

    It was supposed to be only 10-12 here today so I arranged for some help to try and get through the mountain of stuff that needs sorting out.

    As it turned out weather was lovely and I could/should have checked out the one hive I haven't looked at yet, but I think we did ok:

    4 brood boxes worth of frames, 3 supers assembled, painted and stuffed with frames, plus 4 hive stands finished ...

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  2. Out Apiary Tidy up

    I've meaning to sort this out for months but used "i'll do it in winter" as an excuse to save me a lot of un-necessary hacking and slashing.

    My out apiary is on a nature reserve, nicely tucked away behind some brambles. We originally cleared the area and put down a lot of mulch/wood chippings about this time two years ago.

    By last summer you pretty much needed a machete to get to the hive and as quick as I could clear the space around the hive weeds were ...

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  3. Fondant Fancy

    After the rather balmy weather of autumn and some neglect on my part I figure I should do a quick check of all the hives and make sure they were well stocked with fondant. So far, touch wood, the three hives and two nucs all seem to contain bees though a couple were decidedly light after giving them a heft so I'm glad I've got the fondant on.
  4. Well trained

    There are four supers sat, bee tight in the back room waiting for me to get around to extract them over the next couple of days. The Mrs had the back door open to put some washing out and noticed a lone been inside when she got back, having shooed the thing outside, the penny dropped and a quick run round the house shutting all the windows commenced. Sure enough within half an hour or so there was a big cloud of bees at the back door trying to get and nick my honey. Close call,but cookie for 'er ...
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  5. What I learned in my third year...

    I thought I'd move it here, but without further ado.

    1. The best laid plans...
      It's well and good making lots of grand plans in advance but sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
      This year I was going to expand up to 6 hives, have more honey than I knew what to do with and maybe experiment with queen rearing so I ordered loads of kit well in advance. 3 new complete hives, 10 more supers, frames and all the other bits and bobs I thought I'd need.


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