1. Varroa Tolerant Bees II

    Looks as though I was successful with my “cut-and-paste” intro so will now try to recall all I wrote and lost, easier said than done these days, 84 in April. What I am about to write may cause some of you to want to query. That’s OK. I will attempt to give answers or advice. I learnt my beekeeping ib 1943 so have a reasonable amount of acquired knowledge.
    When reading some of your threads I felt I may be able to clear up a few points about my work and perhaps give hope to those of you trying ...
  2. Varroa Tolerant Bees

    Last night I came across and browsed your forum for the first time. Sorry, but did not know it existed until then. I was particularly interested in the threads about VSH bees and saw that my name was mentioned a few times. All good I should add, though the info not always correct.
    I felt that I would like to contribute my latest news if possible so applied to join. Being accepted I then spent the next hour and half writing, reading, then re-writing as you do and when I looked at the clock ...