View Full Version : Bristol Honey Festival - 28th-30th August

21-06-2010, 09:58 AM
Seems like the right place to put it.

I know it's a bit of a trek but there're Scottish Beekeepers name's engraved on our trophy from previous shows, so you never know!

Bristol Beekeepers are having a honey show. Apparently we used to do one a few years back but when the Bristol Flower Show shut up shop we stopped for a while.

Up for grabs is the Bristol Silver Queen trophy for the entrant with the most points across classes 1-13. Ok so you don't actually get to take this trophy home with you, but your name will be engraved on it, joining previous winners from as far as Cornwall and Scotland (the trophy was first awarded in 1929) and you'll get a commemorative engraved item of Bristol blue glass and I dare say a photo or two of the presentation. Oh, and cash, did I mention the cash?

Classes open for entries are:
1 Two 454g jars of light honey
2 Two 454g jars of medium honey
3 Two 454g jars of dark honey
4 Two 454g jars of naturally crystallised honey
5 Two 454g jars of soft set honey
6 One container of cut comb honey of min. weight 200g
7 One shallow frame of honey ready for extraction
8 One cake of beeswax of weight between 220 280g
9 Three matching blocks of wax, each of weight 28g
10 One bottle of sweet mead
11 One bottle of dry mead
12 Two matching beeswax candles
13 Any decorative beeswax item except candle made by any method
14 An item of art illustrating any aspect of bees or beekeeping
15 One photograph, min. size 15cm x 10cm mounted on 25cm x 20cm card of honeybee
or beekeeping interest
16 Honey fruit cake made to recipe on following page

And will be Judged by Tom Salter MBE according to BBKA show rules.

More information, entry form, full rules etc can be found Here (http://www.bristolbeekeepers.org.uk/honeyshow/bristolhoneyshow.html)

Entry to the show also gives you a full pass to the Botanic Gardens for the weekend and a discount from jar supplier Compak.