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19-02-2014, 02:24 PM
Mull gets a mention as a top ten tourist resort.

Lewis and Harris has been named as the best island in Europe by an international travel site.

It also beat rivals in Thailand, Chile and Madagascar to be included in the top five islands in the world.

Scotland featured several times on the list with Orkney and Isle of Mull also named in the European top 10.


19-02-2014, 09:49 PM
They must have visited in that May week in 2011 when the sun came out :p

I see that they show the Callanish stones. We stayed in a superb B&B (http://www.9callanish.co.uk/) there last summer on my first trip to Lewis and Harris at the ripe old age of ... well, at a ripe old age. Tell Gregor I sent you if you stay there, he's a lovely fellow. Some tips for your trip. Don't expect the ferry to arrive in time. But if you are delayed three hours into the early hours of the morning word will get round the island and the door will be left open. Save up any car repairs for your visit. 8 to fix an exhaust that broke clean in two and 8 to fix a puncture seem like a bargain to me. Stacks of interesting places to see. Didn't spot any guga (http://www.virtualheb.co.uk/guga-hunters-of-ness-isle-of-lewis-western-isles.html) for sale, but if you're a vegetarian you might like to give that a wide berth anyway.

I hear that there is a half-decent B&B on Mull as well.

19-02-2014, 10:04 PM
Forgot to say there was a beekeeper just along the road, but I never met him. On the other hand here's a beekeeper who loves Lewis, as you'll find out if you give the video a birl.


Where's Kenny Creed (http://www.sbai.org.uk/sbai_forum/showthread.php?138-Beekeeping-in-the-Western-Isles&p=951#post951) when you need him?!

Poly Hive
29-01-2015, 05:51 PM
We arrived on Harris in late August and it was mobbed with Italians. No where to stop over with our Motor Home, and we know the islands pretty well. All our usual spots were mobbed so we drove south and happened on a ferry arriving and in our experience in summer they are pretty much bang on time and we got on and went to Bernary. On the machair we chilled out totally. Harris it seems had/has an over crowding problem not helped by notices everywhere saying pay 5 by Paypal to something org. We for one do not travel with the net it is why we are there to get away.