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  1. Hybrid white clover - no honey?
  2. Pesticides and colony troubles
  3. Observer article today
  4. GM again! GM multi definition of bad science.
  5. Doom and Gloom for our oceans
  6. France 5: Who killed the bees?
  7. Here we go again!
  8. Imidacloprid and Nosema
  9. Video lecture about risk profile of neonicotinoid insecticides
  10. Scotland At the Cutting Edge of Science
  11. Any study showcasing Endosulfan and its effects on honey bees?
  12. Prof May Berenbaum on CCD
  13. Jeff Pettis comment channel 4 news
  14. Colony collaspe in New Zealand ?
  15. Bee Aids
  16. European Court of Justice banned Honey containing pollen from GMOs
  17. Rather good, Dan!
  18. GM crops are increasing the use of herbicides and insecticides
  19. New research on colony collapse disorder
  20. Another plethora of neonicotinoid articles today...
  21. Orcadian pesticide discussions
  22. Was: For readers of Beesource following Stromnessbees outburst
  23. Neonicotinoids and CCD
  24. Must-read book: 'A Spring Without Bees'
  25. Randy Oliver's Critique of the 'Harvard Study'.
  26. Pesticides and honey bee toxicity Ė USA
  27. Can we talk about GM crops?
  28. More misinterpreted science - watch out for the spin-fest
  29. Xerces society report on Neonicotinoids.
  30. EFSA Statement
  31. Bayer: Low level neonicotinoids kill colonies by interference with grooming behaviour
  32. Canadian poisonings
  33. Termites/ bees
  34. Lemon Peel - my mammy sent me this. It was in green and red text so it must be true.
  35. Poisoning Workers at the Bottom of the Food Chain
  36. TED: Bees talk
  37. Are neonicotinoid pesticides responsible for the demise of bees and other wildlife?
  38. Global Warming's Terrifying New Math
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  40. Independent article
  41. Turtles
  42. 'Research' University of Reading
  43. BBKA Statement onneonicotinoids
  44. Neonicotinoids: Trying To Make Sense of the Science
  45. Petition to ban neonics: Please sign & spread if you want to save our bees
  46. Second trial replicating CCD with neonicotinoids.
  47. It's the GM I tells you.
  48. UK Parliament submissions on pesticides
  49. Does the SBA have any connection with Bayer, or any other Agrochemical firm?
  50. Farming Today - BBC R4 - on bees, neonics and stuff.
  51. Bayer spokesman on Radio 4 Today
  52. Leading Environmental Activistís Confession: I Was Completely Wrong To Oppose GMOs
  53. Bumblebee Licensing
  54. Killing the Bees -video
  55. Bee concerns pose threat to OSR viability
  56. Honeybees change pollination behaviour
  57. We're the bad guys - again!
  58. Rosemary Mason claims leading journal 'nature' is in the pocket of Syngenta!
  59. When did maize become a significant crop for bees?
  60. The Precautionary Principle
  61. Bees, lies and evidence-based policy
  62. Scotsman article today on some work by Dr. Connolly.
  63. Scottish MEP calls for ban of neonicotinoids
  64. The Dreadful Politics of Neonics at Home and Abroad
  65. Forbes article.
  66. SBA AGM motion on a moratorium on neonicotinoids
  67. Maize planter dust problem
  68. SBA AGM Vote in the Herald
  69. Pesticide combination affects bees' ability to learn - comments anyone?
  70. Neonicotinoids pose 'low' risk to bees, Defra studies show
  71. Defra: An assessment of key evidence about Neonicotinoids and bees
  72. Syngenta and Bayer's Comprehensive Action Plan to Unlock EU Stalemate
  73. Why did the SBA vote to keep Neonics?
  74. A battle is raging....apparently!
  75. Scotsman: Stinging attack on Scotlandís beekeepers
  76. Ban the 'environmentalist' opposition . Live a quiet life?
  77. Environment loss
  78. Country File / Neonicotinoids
  79. Report on Monday's SANCO Appeal Committee vote
  80. Co2
  81. Compare and Contrast
  82. More systemic horror!
  83. neonics not just bad for bees?
  84. Nosema in bumble bees
  85. Neonicotinoids and the health of honey bees in australia
  86. Effects of the moratorium
  87. new site
  88. Prof Robert Paxton: Pesticides & Bees a Dangerous Mix
  89. Paul Driessen
  90. Is this the worst science yet on neonics?
  91. Brood Comb Disposal
  92. safe plants
  93. "removal" of bumblebee nests
  94. U S honey bee and pollinator decline
  95. Matt Ridley (The Rational Optimist) on the neonic moratorium
  96. This looks pretty damning ....
  97. Honey in the jar True or false.
  98. neonicotinoids update
  99. Chlorpyrifos
  100. What were they thinking.
  101. Urban Bees Research - can you help?